Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement


Effective from 18th January 2022

Service Level Agreement for iCHARMS Charity Management System



iCHARMS Charity Management System is a web-based platform designed to assist charity organizations in the United Kingdom with managing their operations and activities. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the commitments of iCHARMS in terms of the service availability and support provided to our clients.



  1. “Service” refers to the iCHARMS Charity Management System platform and any related services or add-ons offered by iCHARMS.

  2. “Client” refers to the charity organization that has subscribed to the iCHARMS Charity Management System.

  3. “Scheduled Maintenance” refers to any maintenance that is scheduled in advance and communicated to the client by iCHARMS.

  4. “Emergency Maintenance” refers to any maintenance that is required due to unexpected technical issues and is carried out as soon as possible.


Service Availability:

  1. iCHARMS guarantees 99.5% availability of the Service, excluding Scheduled Maintenance, which is typically performed outside of normal business hours.

  2. The Service may become temporarily unavailable due to emergency maintenance or other technical issues, but iCHARMS will make every effort to resolve these issues as soon as possible and communicate with the Client to keep them informed of any updates.

  3. In the event of a Service disruption lasting more than 24 hours, iCHARMS will provide the Client with a credit of 10% of their monthly subscription fee for each additional 24-hour period of disruption.



  1. iCHARMS provides technical support to Clients via email and phone. Technical support is available during normal business hours (9am-5pm GMT).

  2. iCHARMS will respond to all support requests within 4 hours of receipt.

  3. iCHARMS will work with the Client to resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible, providing regular updates on the status of the issue and estimated resolution time.


Data Backup:

  1. iCHARMS regularly backs up the Client’s data to ensure the integrity and security of their information.

  2. In the event of data loss, iCHARMS will use the latest backup to restore the Client’s data, working with the Client to ensure minimal impact on their operations.

  3. iCHARMS will provide the Client with access to their data backups upon request, subject to the terms and conditions of the iCHARMS Privacy Policy.


Dispute Resolution

In the event of any dispute or disagreement arising out of or related to this SLA, the parties agree to attempt to resolve the dispute through good faith negotiations and mediation. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute through mediation, the dispute may be resolved through arbitration.



This SLA may be terminated by either party upon thirty (30) days written notice.


Governing Law

This SLA shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which iCHARMS is located.



  1. iCHARMS will not be responsible for any loss of data or revenue that may occur as a result of a technical issue or failure of the Service.

  2. The Client acknowledges that the Service is provided “as is” and that iCHARMS makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the Service.

  3. The Client is responsible for ensuring that their own systems and infrastructure are compatible with the Service and that they have taken appropriate measures to secure their data and information.