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iCHARMS is a Cloud-based software built for charities in particular for Faith Based Charities.
Our robust charity management solution provides exceptional communication and single-point control in one platform.
Overall management of donations, donor engagements, operational activities, field campaigns & events - everything can be managed on iCHARMS efficiently.

One Charity Application to
Manage All.

iCHARMS provides an easy and secure solution to a charity organization looking for a cost-effective way of managing charities.



Comprehensive and valuable donor data management.



All donations are managed accurately and seamlessly.



Manage charity programs efficiently with our system.



Sponsorship management system streamlined.



We provides comprehensive and detailed report.



Fully integrated inbound and outbound calls management.



Help charities manage donor queries or feedback.



We have integrated major third party applications.

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iCHARMS is a strong nonprofit application designed to promote social improvement and efficiency through technological innovation.



iCHARMS Charity Management System provides a comprehensive platform to manage donor details.
With iCHARMS, organizations can easily create and maintain a database of donor information, including their contact details, donation history, giving preferences, and communication preferences.

The system allows organizations to segment their donors based on various criteria, such as giving history, donation amount, location, and more. This segmentation helps organizations create targeted fundraising campaigns and communication strategies.

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There are many ways in which a charity can receive donations. Some charities have dedicated fundraisers who will identify potential donors, ask them to donate, and track their progress toward raising funds for the charity. Other charities use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to encourage people to donate money online using PayPal or other payment methods.

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It is important for any charity organization to have its own category for which it wants donation so that visitors who come to your website can easily find what they are looking for without any confusion or delay. You can also add separate sections where donors can donate money based on different categories such as education, health care etc..

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Appeals are how charities ask for monetary help from their sympathizers. Such appeals are generally circulated electronically or by mail to donors yearly to motivate them to contribute. In iCHARMS, we have created options where you can easily create and manage appeals for tracking donations.

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A charity campaign is an essential component of a nonprofit's organizational strategy since it aids in raising funds to support the organization and fulfil its mission. A charity campaign is typically long-term and may be used to meet specific goals. In iCHARMS, you can quickly create and manage charity campaigns for effective tracking of donations and total campaign control.

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For a non-profit organization, a program is any activity, including financial assistance for needy people or for organizations that provide such assistance directly, or educational, cultural, literary, scientific, or any other activity that benefits the public. With iCHARMS, you can quickly create and manage programs for effective tracking of donations and keep track of where the charity efforts are focused on.

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Program rates can be used to define a donation amount or rate for your charitable program. This is useful if you have multiple donation levels associated with one program, you can set start date and end date for each program rate. It is useful in various cases when program rate changes as per inflation.

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Canvassing is the process of initiating direct contact with potential donors door-to-door, at an event, and on street corners. In this module, you can add, edit, and manage data of canvas and donations received.

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The Charity Event module allows you to create and manage your charity events. A charity event is defined as an event with the primary purpose of raising money for any cause, charity, or non-profit. It has the primary purpose of generating funds.

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Generate custom letters for your donors with donation details and data imported from iCHARMS. You download these templates in pdf or share them as attachments in email. The Letter Module allows you to create a custom letter based on the information entered into the form fields header text, body text, etc. The letter will contain all the information entered into the edit field, plus any additional information you add manually (such as an address).

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The iCHARMS Charitable Management System allows you to design custom email templates using HTML and CSS to share donation data or any other information with your donors and send bulk emails to your donors.

You can use the built-in template editor, which provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to see what your email will look like quickly before actually sending it out. The editor lets you quickly add images, text, tables and lists to your emails and customize them however you want.

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iCHARMS provide all the tools and features for charities in one place - From tracking donations to managing donors, charity staff, and volunteers, from fundraising arrangements and direct bank transactions to reaching out with email marketing campaigns.

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We have integrated major third party applications with iCHARMS.

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iCHARMS is customisable charity management system

What is iCHARMS?

iCHARMS is a cloud-based software designed specifically for charities, particularly faith-based charities. It offers a comprehensive charity management solution that facilitates effective communication and centralized control through a single platform.

What sets iCHARMS apart from other charity management solutions?

How does iCHARMS enhance communication and control?

Can iCHARMS handle donation management effectively?

How does iCHARMS support donor engagement?

What operational activities can be managed using iCHARMS?

Can iCHARMS integrate with third-party applications?

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How does iCHARMS contribute to the success of faith-based charities?

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