effortless yet powerful.

Manage your donations with ease and accuracy

The Donation module is a single place where you can edit and manage details of all donations and their sources in one place. You can also add new donations, grants, manage donations contribution history and create reports from within this module.

It's easy to use

there are clear instructions throughout the module so that even laymen can find what they need quickly.

It's powerful

we've built-in many advanced features like multiple donation types (one-time/recurring)

Track every donation in one simple, flexible place

The Donation module has been designed with the following features: it is a simple module built for people who want to keep track of their donation history but need more time or patience to create a spreadsheet.

This saves time for the fundraiser and ensures that all information about each donation is recorded/updated accurately.

Designed to give best donation experience.

Whether it's a general donation or a contribution to a program /campaign, iCHARMS makes it simple to manage donation data. You may manually enter donations or use integrations to automatically harvest donations data from websites.

Flexible donation editing and adjustment guarantees that any changes are efficiently recorded and quickly confirmed.

Donation Pledge with iCHARMS

The donation pledge module is a great way to manage your pledge options from a single screen. You can add and edit the details of your pledge and its sources in this module.

You can add pledges that have already been created or create new ones from scratch by entering information into the fields. The donation pledge module is a great place to manage all your donation pledges, including recurring and one-time pledges. It's easy to use and will help you track who has pledged what amount of money.

Ensure a positive donation experience, every time with iCHARMS

iCHARMS provides the tools you need to guarantee that every donation enhances your relationship with your charity. Automated receipts, notifications, and tax relief provide donors piece of mind that their money has been handled correctly.

Discover what’s possible with iCHARMS.

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