Helpdesk Module

The iCHARMS helpdesk module

The iCHARMS helpdesk module helps manage inbound leads, track complaints through calls and email and help charities manage donor queries or feedback.

iCHARMS Helpdesk keeps an eye on customers' requests and solves their issues based on issue type, priority, and category. It allows customers to get the service done quickly while keeping track of their issues. You can provide a unified service experience to your clients using the iCHARMS Helpdesk.

Extremely Secured

iCHARMS Helpdesk's application allows you to whitelist or blacklist countries from using the application, and it also defends against DOS attacks and stops CSRF attacks.

Clean UI

iCHARMS Helpdesk is an easy-to-use interface with a clean and modern UI desin.

Easy To Manage

Donors who contact your charity via phone or email can be managed by the support team. You can also set up automated responses to greet different types of queries to respond to them quickly with an appropriate answer to their needs.

This also allows you to respond quickly to donors when they have questions about their gifts or are unsatisfied with how they were treated during their first interaction with your organization.

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