Program Management

Full Project and Program Life Cycle Management.

The Program Management System is a tool that helps your staff and team members manage all aspects of your programs such as allocation of donations to specific countries and campaigns. It's designed to help you track progress of programs and ensure that every donation goes where it's supposed to go.

Keep track of all programs-related activities from within the system (including donation allotments) so there are no missing pieces or unrecorded expenses in between steps on the fundraising journey.

PMS allows you to centralize all your data on one platform

The Program Management System (PMS) is a web-based application that allows users to coordinate, track and manage all activities related to the program. This document provides an overview of the features of PMS and describes how you can use it for your own campaign or organization.

It also enables staff members within your organization's headquarters location(s) to collaborate more efficiently since everything they need will be accessible through one central place rather than having individual files stored locally across several locations

Designed to support you in managing the full project life cycle smoothly

The Program Management System is a web-based tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your program. You can use this system to track donations, allocate funds across campaigns and programs, and view reports about how much money has been raised, where to allocate money to which programs and where it has been allocated and used.

The Program Management System comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you see at a glance the status of all your programs as well as individual contributions in programs.

Total Phases of PMS(Program Management System)

Prior to start, you must understand the general operation of the programme management system.

Unverified State
Verified State
open state
Soft Close State
Reopen the allocation
Complete State

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