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The iCHARMS report module helps you organize your data in a structured way.

You can use this module to generate reports for donors, donation details, donation receipts, cash book for donations, donation and appeals participant details, charity donation date-wise collection, and charity call center reports and many more such reports.

Having integration with financial software Xero the report module allows you to create reports such as Financial statements, balance sheets or income statements, Cash flow analysis, and Transaction summaries.

iCHARMS report Analysis

iCHARMS report module helps you to generate reports on Donor Donation details, donation receipts, cash book for donation, donation and appeals participant details, charity donation date-wise collection, and charity call center reports.

The reports can be generated in different forms, such as A PDF file downloaded from the dashboard or directly from within iCHARMS.

This report module is helpful if you have a lot of data which needs to be exported into another application like Excel etc... The PDF file will have all your data.

A CSV file which contains all the same information as above but in a more structured way so that it's easier for someone else to read through.


The Donation Details Report is a great way to show how much money the charity has collected. You can also use this report to show off donations from individual donors (or even groups of donors) or donations that go to specific programmes in your organisation (such as Winter Pack donation).

Go to Reports Donations Reports Donation Details Report to build this report. Select Donation Date range: The start date and end date for when your charity wants the report to show historical data about all donations received before that time period.


The Project Wise Donation Report allows you to generate reports on project wise donations received in a charity. You can filter by year and by specific projects, giving opportunities or event categories (e.g., an auction).

To create a report, go to Reports Project Wise Donation Report from the top navigation bar. This will bring you to the Project Wise Donation report builder where you can choose your data source and start building your report immediately.


The donation receipt detail report allows you to export and view your donation receipts. The report includes both individual donations and recurring donations (monthly or yearly).

To access the report, go to Reports Receipt Detail. From here, you can choose whether you want all of your receipts or just ones that have been received within a certain timeframe (e.g., last month).


The Cash Book report is a financial report that shows all the transactions in the cash book. It also provides details about cash inflows and outflows, as well as balance sheet information.

You can view the donation cash book and daily donation transaction details in this report module. The Cash Book report may be created automatically or manually by the end user.

You dont need this if you have integrate icharms with XERO for Cashbook report.


The date wise collection report is used to view the donation collections details in a time range. You can select any date from the calendar and choose a time range from the drop down under "Time Range".

For example, if you want to see how much money was collected over last week, click on "End Date" and enter 07/08/2016 (Monday). Then select "Last Week" from the drop down menu under "Time Range", which will give you a report showing all donations collected during this period


The Donor Participant Details report allows you to view the details of all participants in a campaign or event.

This report displays information about each donor and participant, including:

The type of donation, The amount of donation, The date when the donation was made, The note text attached to the donation

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